Ebola Survivor: Mariama

23 year-old Mariama is the most recent Ebola Survivor to leave our treatment center. She was discharged from the EMERGENCY Ebola Treatment Center in Lakka, Sierra Leone on the October 16th after being treated for Ebola. She was admitted on the 21st of September. Photographed here by Michael Duff, AP with her certification of health.

Photo by: Michael Duff, AP

In Sierra Leone this epidemic is growing at a rate of 50 new cases of Ebola every day. Our doctors and nurses are working very hard to isolate suspected cases and to assist sick people.

To treat more people with Ebola, we are working to build a second larger center with 100 beds by late November. The new Ebola Treatment Center will be in Goderich, where since 2001 we’ve been running a pediatric and surgical center, which remains the only fully functioning hospital in Sierra Leone since the start of the Ebola crisis.

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