Oscar meet Open Heart


If you haven’t heard about this amazing film yet, Open Heart is the Oscar nominated short documentary about the dramatic story of hope for eight Rwandan children, including Angelique (pictured above), who make a life-or-death journey to Sudan to receive high-risk, open-heart surgery at the Salam Centre for Cardiac Surgery; a center designed, built and run by EMERGENCY. It is the only hospital of its kind in all of Africa.

This gripping film brings to light the public health issues associated with the curable and preventable rheumatic heart disease, a disease estimated to affect at least 15.6 million people, a disease that disproportionately burdens children and young adults in developing countries.

Open Heart was produced and directed by filmmaker Kief Davidson. Kief has had international success from the award-winning feature-length documentaries, Kassim the Dream and The Devil’s Miner.

3 thoughts on “Oscar meet Open Heart

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