Let the Good Times Roll

open heart event photo

EMERGENCY USA along with the Italian American Museum of Los Angeles (IAMLA) celebrated a really amazing night at the Pico House, hosting a reception in honor of Dr. Gino Strada and special guests from the Open Heart team.  The Honorable Giuseppe Perrone, Consul General of Italy even gave a special presentation.

Gino Strada, the co-founder of, EMERGENCY traveled all the way from Sudan to Hollywood to bring greater public attention to the story behind the Oscar-nominated film “Open Heart.” The film’s director Kief Davidson and producer Cori Shepherd Stern of “Open Heart” were also special honorees for their amazing work on the creation of a film with a story that sheds light on the public health issues related to rheumatic heart disease in Africa. The film does a great job of highlighting the significance of the Salam Centre for Cardiac Surgery as a step toward addressing an overwhelming need for treatment and prevention.

Thank you to everyone who attended; it was an amazing evening, with great speeches, wonderful supporters, and the profound inspiration that comes from participating directly in something extraordinarily good.

As he spoke at the event, Gino Strada reminded all of us that EMERGENCY functions by treating one patient, and then the next patient … in the same way that each of our individual contributions (no matter how small they might seem) make the work possible.  The reality of the tremendous need is undeniable. The truth is, as Gino put it, we make the choice together to each give a little bit to transform the communities in which we operate — one person, one supporter, and one patient at a time.

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