“We know that we are just Planting Seeds…”

“We know that we are just planting seeds. We’ve got no idea if even one of those seeds will become a tree, but at least what we have done is done.”

Gino Strada explains of his work with EMERGENCY and the Salam Center, the only free-of-charge cardiac surgery center in all of Africa.

February 28th, 2013, Dr. Gino Strada, co-founder of EMERGENCY, was interviewed on Last Call with Carson Daly. During the interview he explains how the mission of EMERGENCY evolved from originally aiming to work with direct victims of war (victims of landmines and bullet wounds for example) to also treating indirect victims of war. Victims of a complete lack of healthcare infrastructure destroyed as a result of war.

He then goes on to discuss the remarkable work being done at the Salam Center where they conduct free-of-charge, high-risk, life-saving cardiac surgery for those with rheumatic heart disease.  The majority of which are children and adolescents.

The Center treats patients from many countries. Sometimes the countries are even at war with each other, but in the Salam Center, it doesn’t matter. Everyone has the right to be treated.

In the interview Gino says, “In general terms it is a drop in the ocean,” speaking about the effect that EMERGENCY has had. Well, we think the work EMERGENCY is doing is more than a drop, and even still a drop is better than nothing.

Click here for more EMERGENCY USA press and media.

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