Salam Center Wins Prestigious Architecture Award

One of five winners, out of over 5,000 submissions, of the Aga Khan Award for Architecture, EMERGENCY‘s Salam Center for Cardiac Surgery was designed by the Studio Tamassociati. The approach is one of great efficiency, functionality and style, an “ethical beauty” as the lead architect Raul Pantaleo describes it. The design sends a message of respect to the patients who are treated free-of-charge. In the words of the jury that awarded the prize, the design of the hospital compound “provides an exemplary prototype for the region as well as for the field” (read more online). Salam CenterAn article published in Bloomberg Businessweek reporting on the award quotes the jury as recognizing the project as “a responsible, efficient and inspiring model of health services in a society marred by war, internal conflict, and lack of basic needs like water and sanitation.”

Click here to read insightful and patient-focused coverage of the Salam Center in the Sudanese English-language outlet, Sudan Vision Daily.

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