Just War by Howard Zinn

Howard Zinn signs "Just War" (left) and the cover of "Just War"

Howard Zinn signs “Just War” (left) and the cover of “Just War” (right)

“War cannot be humanized, it can only be abolished,”

Albert Einstein, 1932

Howard Zinn, an eminent American historian, and Gino Strada, surgeon and founder of EMERGENCY (the international NGO that cares and rehabilitates civilian victims of war and poverty), are in agreement with one another on the need to abolish war—all wars.

Zinn and Strada, speaking in Rome recently, captivated an audience of over a thousand people with their views on war. Zinn’s words are captured, unabridged, in this book.

Zinn’s message in Rome was simple but powerful. The photos that accompany the text in this volume are by Moises Saman, an extraordinary photo-reporter.

Inspired by Einstein’s words, Howard Zinn said that if the human race is going to survive, it must declare wars taboo, as it did with cannibalism and slavery. Wars, he says, referring to Gino Strada’s experience in treating its victims, are essentially wars against civilians, many of them children.

All of us, therefore, have a responsibility to work towards a time when we still struggle for justice, but without war.

The text above is from the back cover of Just War.

. . .

Just War is a reflective way to learn more about EMERGENCY USA, its work and the dire situation of the countries where it operates and that are devastated by war. If you are interested in reading this book, please click here. All proceeds benefit EMERGENCY.

. . .

In 1994 Dr. Gino Strada co-founded EMERGENCY, an international NGO, that provides high-standard, free-of-charge medical and surgical care to civilian victims of war and poverty.

Howard Zinn, Professor Emeritus of History at Boston University, is best known for his book, A People’s History of the United States.

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