Little Dieumerci Injured, But Safe


Bangui and the Central African Republic are still living in a state of uncertainty. The presence of the Chad military contingent, here to escort Muslim civilians out of Bangui, has increased the level of tension even further.

Far from the capital, the situation is out of control. A few days ago, from a village about 200km away, a 2-year old child arrived at the Complexe Pédiatrique with gunshot wounds. He’d been in the forest with his father when a bullet hit both of them, killing the man and seriously injuring little Dieumerci in the jaw. The child stayed next to his father’s body for some days, alone, without food or medical treatment.

When he arrived at the Complexe Pédiatrique, his condition was precarious but now, after a series of surgical interventions, he’s out of danger. Dieumerci’s face will remain disfigured forever though.

Federico Bozzetti, EMERGENCY Surgeon at the Complexe Pédiatrique in Bangui

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