CNN Visits EMERGENCY Hospital in Kabul

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Watch the CNN video and read the article here.

Two more landmine victims were brought in when a CNN crew spearheaded by journalist Anna Coren visited the EMERGENCY hospital in Kabul, where patients from both sides of the conflict are treated, but most of the people treated here are civilians, half of whom are children. “This is nothing out of the ordinary,” said EMERGENCY Hospital Program Coordinator Emanuele Nannini to CNN. “This is what we do every single day.”

Treating civilians is what the EMERGENCY staff has been doing for 13 years as of today. EMERGENCY‘s Surgical Center for War Victims in Kabul opened on April 25, 2001 after the organization received permission from the Taliban, who were then at the helm of the state, and it was the second surgical center that EMERGENCY established in Afghanistan. Since then the hospital has provided more than 88,000 outpatient consultations and doctors have performed more than 38,000 surgeries, all free of charge.

As pointed out in the CNN article, most of the people treated at the hospital are victims of landmines and half of the cases are innocent children. EMERGENCY surgeon Dr. Reinhold Perkmann told CNN, the statistics will get worse once fighting season gets underway with the arrival of the warmer weather.

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