American Woman Moved to Help Afghan Boy

Watch the NBC Nighlty News video

Click on the image to watch the NBC Nightly News video

In November of 2013, “NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams” reported the story of Obaid, a young Afghan boy who lost both his legs when a mortar hit his house, and was rushed to one of EMERGENCY’s hospital in Afghanistan to be promptly treated by our staff.

While the stories covered by NBC Foreign Chief Correspondent Richard Engel in that first piece seemed only like stories of despair, Obaid’s story has since then become of hope, human kindness, and strength in the face of adversity.

In fact on that November night, Cindy Barrett, a regular “NBC Nightly News” viewer, saw the report and decided to take action to make a difference. “I had a very emotional response to it. And I think in part I connected with this boy because I have young grandsons and my grandchildren are healthy and strong and athletic,” Barrett said about her feelings while watching the report. “They’re growing up in a relatively safe and privileged environment and we have some of the best medical care available to us here. And the contrast was just too much for me to ignore, to see this child.”

Thanks to Ms. Barrett’s donation, Obaid has now prosthetic legs and is attending one of the most prestigious schools in Kabul. Despite his injury he looks healthy and full of life and has revealed that he would like to become a heart surgeon when he grows up. We’re all very proud of Obaid and thankful to Ms. Barrett’s, who has made a huge difference in this kid’s life.

Even though we see much horror in our EMERGENCY hospitals, our mission is to provide hope in face of devastation and save war-victims’ lives and limbs so they can pursue their dreams. We hope you can help us continue pursuing our mission by making an online donation here.

You can check out “NBC Nightly New”s full story about Obaid and Cindy Barrett here.

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