More Children Treated as Violence in Bangui Escalates

Bangui Center May 30On May 29th during the afternoon in Bangui – the capital of the Central African Republic – there was a very serious attack on the Church of Notre Dame, causing 15 deaths and dozens more were wounded.

No one has yet claimed responsibility for the attack, which has brought chaos back to a city, that for a few weeks had seemed to be back under the control of the local authorities and the French troops.

Shooting has since resumed in even the quietest neighborhoods. There have been skirmishes today in PK0, in the heart of the capital, between civilians and the Misca forces.

Makeshift barricades and checkpoints have sprung up in the streets: armed men, stones, burning tires and pieces of wood prevent cars from getting through, making any movement around the city extremely uncertain.

Because of the lack of safety on the roads, access to medical treatment is even more difficult: only 20 patients arrived at our Pediatric Center today, instead of the 120 that we usually see.

In the villages around the capital and in the provinces, the situation is even more critical: the Central African Republic has been suffering an extremely violent war for 18 months now. As always, paying the highest price are civilians, especially children.

Ezekiel How, 8 years old, arrived ​​last night at the Complexe Pédiatrique and is now hospitalized in intensive care: a stray bullet pierced the trachea while he was in his house, in the neighborhood of Bimbo.

The EMERGENCY staff members continue to provide free healthcare for children in Bangui at our Pediatric Center, opened in 2009, and with surgical treatment at the Complexe Pédiatrique – the public hospital where we’ve been working since March 2013.

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