Treating the wounded children of war in Afghanistan

The people of Afghanistan are voting today to elect President Hamid Karzai’s successor. The city is on maximum alert, the roads are deserted, and our hospital in Kabul is full. Hospital_KabulBy 12 o’clock, 15 wounded had already arrived, 3 of them children. In the last 72 hours, we’ve taken in 13 patients under the age of 15:

4-year-old Bashir from Tagab, with a bullet wound to his abdomen.

8-year-old Sohalia from Wardak, injured in the leg by bomb shrapnel.

9-year-old Akbar from Wardak, injured in the neck by bomb shrapnel.

15-year-old Shirshad from Tagab, with a bomb shrapnel wound to her abdomen.

10-year-old Mohammed Wali from Ghazni, hit in the eye by shrapnel.

14-year-old Khoja Rafi from Shakerdara, with a foot injury caused by a landmine.

15-year-old Mohammed from Ghazni, hit in the back by shrapnel.

10-year-old Rozi from Ghazni, hit in the side by shrapnel.

11-year-old Jamudullah from Paktya, hit in the head by shrapnel.

11-year-old Farid from Faryab, with a bullet wound to her leg.

5-year-old Obaidullah from Ghazni, injured in the face by bomb shrapnel.

13-year-old Abdul from Ghazni, whose legs were injured by a landmine.

9-year-old Reshad from Mirbachakot, with injured hands.

This is the result of 13 years of war: a hospital full of wounded children.

— Emanuele, EMERGENCY Program Coordinator in Afghanistan

If you would like to join thousands of others to help provide children a future without war, please click here and here to sign our online petitions. To help provide life-saving surgical treatment for children at our hospital in Kabul, please click here to donate now.

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