Supporter Spotlight: Shahin Shakibi

Shahin is originally from Iran, and served as a soldier in the Iraq-Iran war approximately 30 years ago. He explained, “I have a very strong connection to war zones. As you know, war is not a good thing and never ever goes out of anybody’s mind who’s experienced it.” So in 2008 when he was putting on a theatrical production, he decided to donate part of his show’s ticket sales to a nonprofit that was doing some good for people affected by war. He researched a few organizations and discovered EMERGENCY USA. After hearing about the ways in which “the organization was directly helping […] injured war patients around the world,” he knew he found what he was looking for. Because of his background, his close association to the pangs of war, and the amazing help that EMERGENCY provides to civilian victims of war, Shahin chose to dedicate his support to EMERGENCY USA. Ever since then he has given much of his time to participating in EMERGENCY USA efforts.

ShahinClick here to read an interview Shahin did for the EMERGENCY USA blog last year.

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