Martha gains a new appreciation for family

Martha, age 39, lives in Freetown with her husband and two sons, ages three and five. Martha learned of EMERGENCY during the war, 10 years before she needed their services.

2014-07-01 18.45.26

On May 29th, Martha was attending the funeral of a friend.  The church was too crowded, and she was waiting outside with others. A car lost control after a wheel fell off, and struck her in the back.  Her foot was mangled by the injury.  Four others were injured as well.

Her friends brought her to the EMERGENCY Surgical Center in Goderich, where she was stabilized. The next day Martha was taken to the OR for the first of three procedures. At first she was worried this injury would change her life for the worse, but as she slowly healed she gained strength and a new appreciation for what she has, her family.


Martha says that EMERGENCY offers “the best care and the best staff,” and she appreciates that EMERGENCY “never gives up on a patient.”

–Lara Jacobson, EMERGENCY Pediatrician in Goderich, Sierra Leone


To learn more about EMERGENCY programs in Sierra Leone, click here. If you would like to help provide life-saving surgical treatment in Goderich, please click to donate now.

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