Supporter Spotlight: Brooks Almy of Los Angeles and Genova

My experience with EMERGENCY began in 2008 when I connected with Maurizio Papalia who was soon to become my husband. He had been working for them as a nurse since 2004 and was extremely passionate about the organization. He had been on missions in Afghanistan, Sudan, Sierra Leone and in 2010 I went with him to Bangui in the Central African Republic.

Brooks_JuneI met so many wonderful dedicated people and I was inspired to become involved with EMERGENCY USA. The first person I met was the lovely Anna Gilmore who is the Board President of EMERGENCY USA. She absolutely drew me in with her deep commitment to the mission of EMERGENCY. I travel a lot for my work, so I am not always available, but when I am, my time is hers and EMERGENCY USA’s.


Right now we are working on an evening of Song and Dance for Peace starring the wonderful musical artist and performer KB Solomon (and some very special guests including myself) for November.  Last February I produced “Framing Hope” at the Tah Gallery in South Pasadena, CA, an exhibition of Maurizio’s photographs of his experiences working with EMERGENCY. We sold almost all of his pieces and all the funds went to EMERGENCY USA. It was so successful that we are going to do it again next February and also this September in Italy.

EMERGENCY has such a clear mission statement of peace that it makes it easy to speak about it, be involved with it and be inspired by it. I encourage all artists and citizens of any kind to involve themselves with this organization. It is and since its beginning has always made a true difference in a world that can sometimes look hopeless.  Thank you EMERGENCY!!!

Click here to learn more about volunteering in your local community to support the life-saving work of EMERGENCY by connecting with other EMERGENCY USA supporters.

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