12-Year-Old Mohamed Recovering After Life-Saving Treatment in Sierra Leone

Mohamed is a 12 year-old boy who traveled far to come to the EMERGENCY Surgical Center in Goderich, Sierra Leone. When Mohamed was climbing a mango tree, he slipped and fell to the ground. A tree branch penetrated the side of his chest, and was sticking out from his muscles.  Mohamed, who lives with his family in Kabala, was taken to a local hospital, which then referred him to the EMERGENCY hospital. Mohamed

They traveled 10 hours to reach the Surgical Center in Goderich. Upon arrival, Mohamed was unconscious. Resuscitation began, and he went to the operating room shortly after midnight.  The stick was successfully removed.  He is now resting in the ICU, and discharge is expected within the next week.

–Lara Jacobson, EMERGENCY Pediatrician in Goderich, Sierra Leone

To learn more about EMERGENCY programs in Sierra Leone, click here. If you would like to help provide life-saving surgical treatment in Goderich, please click here to donate now.

3 thoughts on “12-Year-Old Mohamed Recovering After Life-Saving Treatment in Sierra Leone

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