No time to rest in Lashkar-Gah

On June 25th, Dimitra sent the following update to address an increase in patients at the EMERGENCY Surgical Center in Lashkar-Gah. Continued conflict in Southern Afghanistan has resulted in high numbers of civilian casualties. Over 30% of admitted patients at the Lashkar-Gah Surgical Center are under the age of 14.

Lashkar-Gah Surgical Center“We’re working really hard at the moment. The stream of casualties has increased considerably, so we’re not often able to stop. However, I had no idea that the numbers were quite so high until I asked for figures from the past few days: since last Saturday we’ve taken in 87 war victim patients. To deal with this situation, we’ve had to tighten the admission criteria and find more beds. To make matters worse, there are rumours of intensified fighting in the areas of Grishk, Sangin and Nawzad. But we’re ready, providing treatment for those who need it is precisely the reason why we’re here.”

— Dimitra, EMERGENCY Medical Coordinator in Lashkar-gah, Afghanistan

Click here to learn more about the EMERGENCY Surgical Center in Lashkar-Gah. To help provide life-saving surgical treatment in Afghanistan, please click here to donate now.

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