Reference Point Interview: Part 1 of 2 about EMERGENCY

Eric Talbert, Executive Director of EMERGENCY USA, recently appeared on the TV show, Reference Point in a two-part series discussing the work of EMERGENCY. The first segment on KMVT aired June 20th and featured an interview with host Dave Kocharhook regarding the origins of EMERGENCY as well as the role that war surgeons play in the international reach of the organization.

Eric discusses the creation of EMERGENCY in 1994 by Gino Strada, an Italian war surgeon. The organization, which specializes in providing medical care in areas of conflict, trains local personnel to treat civilian in need and builds sustainable healthcare infrastructure to be turned over to communities in the future. The following is an exchange with Reference Point host Dave Kocharhook, as he inquires about the need for civilian treatment in war zones:

Dave: “The work that EMERGENCY is doing is focused in the direction of helping the civilian population that is affected by these armed conflicts and not the military personnel that are involved in those things, is that correct?”

Eric: “In contemporary conflict, up to 90% of victims are civilians, which are people just like you and I, just trying to get by day-to-day, and even up to a third of those are children. These are kids under the age of 14. These are very young people, who now suffer the brunt of these conflicts.”


Since 1994, EMERGENCY has provided assistance to over 6,000,000 people. Of these, 3,940,996 patients received care in Afghanistan. If you are interested in learning more about the inspiring work of EMERGENCY, click here to watch a short organizational overview video. If you would like to support life-saving surgery in Afghanistan, click here to donate now.

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