107 patients treated at the new emergency room in Sierra Leone

In 2001, EMERGENCY began a program for war victims in Goderich, a village near Freetown, Sierra Leone. Due to the evident dire medical needs of the population, the center widened its admissions criteria to include orthopedics, and all surgical emergencies. Since 2001, EMERGENCY has treated 464,801 people in Sierra Leone. Just this month, a new emergency room was opened, doubling the capacity to care for trauma and critical cases at the Surgical Center in Goderich.

crodo03 In the first three days, 107 patients have already been examined and treated in the new emergency room, 15 of whom were hospitalized needing urgent surgical care.

–Luca Rolla, EMERGENCY Medical Coordinator in Goderich, Sierra Leone


To learn more about EMERGENCY‘s programs in Sierra Leone, click here. If you would like to help provide life-saving surgical treatment in Goderich, please click here to donate now.


3 thoughts on “107 patients treated at the new emergency room in Sierra Leone

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