New program to support women in Anabah

In Anabah, Afghanistan, about 70 women – sometimes even 80 or more – come to our Maternity Center every day. This staggering figure includes emergency visits, routine examinations, and births, all of which reinforce the need for EMERGENCY to support the health of women in surrounding communities.

That is why, just a few days ago, we started a new program specifically for women who live near the Center. We will offer them pre- and post-natal care, advice, healthcare information, and education. These services will increase the space and resources to continue providing effective treatment.

Anabah, Panjshir Valley, Afghanistan. It’s 8 o’clock in the morning and there are already a lot of patients in the waiting room of the women’s clinic. They’re waiting to be examined by Mobina and Safia – our two Afghan midwives.

Baby in Anabah

Many of them arrive here asking for a pregnancy test. Even if the result is negative, our work continues. When they find out they’re not pregnant, many Afghan women worry that they will be unable to have children. We explain the conditions that can affect the progress of a pregnancy and provide support by reassuring them that there is no reason to feel guilty for not being pregnant.

“The fact that a woman comes back to us for a check-up 2 or 3 times during her pregnancy is a great result that makes us very happy! And the ability to provide free-of-charge facilities for this type of assistance is undoubtedly an incentive.”

–Francesca, EMERGENCY Midwife in Anabah, Afghanistan


If you would like to help support civilian women and mothers in Afghanistan, please click here to donate now.


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