Board members Anna and Amira receive award for excellent mentorship

EMERGENCY USA is proud to announce that board members Anna Gilmore and Amira Resnick have been presented with the Berkeley Board Fellows Excellence Award.


Amira (left) and Anna (right)

The Berkeley Board Fellowship program allows students to make an impact in the community while serving at the highest levels of an organization. During the nine-month fellowship, Fellows build governance and leadership skills by attending board meetings, serving on subcommittees, and leveraging their expertise to complete a project addressing a strategic need of the board. Willy Chu and Jessica Foster worked with EMERGENCY USA from 2013-2014. Their mentors, Anna and Amira were independently nominated and selected from over 100 board members to receive the Berkeley Board Fellows Excellence Award for Outstanding Mentors.


Willy (right) and Jessica (middle) with Nora Silver (left), Director and Adjunct Professor, Center for Nonprofit and Public Leadership

“We were lucky to have two mentors, Anna and Amira, as our contacts in this project. Their thoughtful approach to leveraging our ideas and skills, their leadership, and their interest in helping us grow as leaders ourselves, were the main reasons why our Berkeley Board Fellowship was such a positive experience.”


For opportunities to volunteer locally with EMERGENCY USA, click here. If you would like to help provide life-saving medical treatment at one of EMERGENCY’s facilities, please click here to donate now.

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