Attack in Lashkar-gah sends 21 to EMERGENCY Surgical Center

On Monday morning, July 21st, there was an attack in Lashkar-gah, capital of the Helmand region of Afghanistan. A police convoy was targeted by a car bomb near the station from which the Kandahar buses leave.

As of Monday afternoon, our Surgical Center had taken in 21 patients; 13 police officers and 8 civilians. One was already dead when he arrived. The situation in Afghanistan is getting worse day by day. With the attacks, shooting, and land mines, the hospital is always full.

12-year-old Shamsullah (left), and 10-year-old Abdul Ahad (right), are just two of the patients currently receiving treatment.


They both come from Sangin, one of the districts most hard-hit by the war, where EMERGENCY opened a First Aid Post in 2011 to treat the wounded and transfer the most serious cases to our Surgical Center in Lashkar-gah.

Shamsullah has had both legs amputated because a land mine exploded and hit the cart that he and his father were traveling to the bazaar on.

Abdul Ahad looks at him, while he sits on his bed with his right leg in traction. They shot at him while he was playing on the roofs. “Did you see who shot you?”
“No, but it doesn’t matter.”

Since January of this year, we’ve treated 786 war casualties in Lashkar-gah. 1 in 3 was a child.

EMERGENCY has been in Afghanistan since 1999, with a Surgical Center for war victims in Kabul and another in Lashkar-gah (Helmand province), a hospital and a Maternity Centre in Anabah (Panjshir Valley), 40 First Aid Posts and Health Centers, and a healthcare assistance program in the prisons of Kabul. In Afghanistan, EMERGENCY has treated over 3,900,000 people.


To learn more about EMERGENCY’s programs in Afghanistan, register here for a free online conversation about “Health in the Future of Afghanistan” on August 12th. If you would like to help provide free-of-charge medical care to Afghan civilians, please click here to donate now.

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