Supporter spotlight: Khudejha Asghar

I fell in love with EMERGENCY in 2008, when I first learned of the fantastic work Gino Strada’s team of surgeons and activists have undertaken in countries suffering from the consequences of armed conflict. Upon graduating from college, I found myself, a very green and eager beaver, holding the title position of the Boston group. With so much passion for social justice and protecting the right to healthcare for the world’s most vulnerable, but so little knowledge, I relied heavily on more experienced members such as Eric Talbert and Anna Gilmore to answer everything from how to deposit funds to how to build community within a local group.

Khudeja_JulyI’ve spent the last three years as the Boston Coordinator, and this past year as a member of the Volunteer Development Committee, and both experiences have informed my decision to pursue a career in public health examining the impact of systemic and cyclical violence on communities.

Having lived possibly half of my life in a “period” of recession, I understand how challenging it may be to get individuals both young and old to put their time and money where their mouth is, and try to see the value in supporting quality healthcare for people on the other side of the world. As people who have the privilege of calling the most powerful nation in the modern world our home, I believe that all of us have a responsibility to critically examine inequality in this world and do what we can so that more people have the opportunity to live a fulfilling life.

EMERGENCY USA, not just as an organization but as a sum of the many hardworking people who care to volunteer their time week after week and year after year, is a beautiful example of what a small, at times disorganized, group of people can do to make the world a little bit brighter for someone else. I am so honored to have been a part of this community and to have been trusted with a leadership role, and I’m excited to see how EMERGENCY USA will grow in the coming years and how I can continue to support high-quality healthcare, economic opportunity, and physical infrastructure.

Click here to learn more about volunteering in your local community to support the life-saving work of EMERGENCY by connecting with other EMERGENCY USA supporters.

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