Conflict impacts children in the Central African Republic

Zanzema Gracia, Gonanga, and Felix are three children being treated by our staff at the EMERGENCY Pediatric Center in Bangui.

Zanzema Gracia

Zanzema Gracia, photo by Pieter ten Hoopen

We often tell you about the wounded children who come to us, victims of the violence that is tearing this country apart. But the damage caused by the war goes well beyond these direct victims. There are many others, perhaps less visible, but certainly no less important, who are impacted by the conflict in the Central African Republic.


Gonanga, photo by Pieter ten Hoopen

Pathologies like abscesses, infections,  and typhoid fever, for which we treated these children, were common even before the war began. However, the fighting has worsened the situation as the lack of food and hard living conditions make it even easier to fall ill, while fear and insecurity convince many people to put off the journey to the hospital for as long as possible.

The result? Children get ill more often, but are only brought to us when they’re already in a very serious condition. They are war victims too, because the war denies a basic right
— the right to receive medical treatment.


Felix, photo by Pieter ten Hoopen

In the meantime, we’re here at the “Complexe Pédiatrique,” our Pediatric Center, providing free-of-charge, high quality medical care for those who need it.


To learn more about EMERGENCY’s programs in the Central African Republic, click here. If you would like to help provide life-saving medical care for children in Bangui, please click here to donate now.

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