Violence in Helmand leads to a full hospital in Lashkar-gah

In Helmand – a province in southern Afghanistan – there has been fighting for several days. 51 patients have been admitted to the Lashkar-gah hospital; 17 from Sangin, 10 from Grishk, 10 from Nawzrad and 10 from Nari Saraj. The others are from Nadali and Lashkar-gah city. Our ambulances are shuttling people from the first-aid posts to the EMERGENCY Surgical Center in Lashkar-gah non-stop.

1Yesterday evening, our nurses in Sangin were transporting a patient who had been shot in the abdomen when they found themselves in the middle of a battle between members of the Taliban and the Afghan Special Forces. The vehicle could not stop; the patient’s condition was deteriorating and waiting for the violence to end would put his life at risk. A projectile hit the ambulance, but it continued its journey towards Lashkar-gah to ensure that the injured man received the medical attention he needed.

It is becoming ever more difficult for people in Helmand, and in all of Afghanistan, to get medical care.

To learn more about EMERGENCY’s programs in Afghanistan, register here for a free online conversation about “Health in the Future of Afghanistan” on August 12th. If you would like to help provide free-of-charge medical care to Afghan civilians, please click here to donate now.

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