Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone

Despite hundreds of cases verified around Sierra Leone and neighboring countries, we have yet to see any patients with ebola virus at our surgical center in Goderich, near the capital city of Freetown. But we’re on high alert.

Goderich HospitalWe must follow protocol for individual protection when in contact with all patients. Wards are being sanitized with a 10% bleach solution and visits from relatives have been limited to lower the risk of infection. We have prepared isolation areas for any suspected cases.

All the staff, both national and international, are closely following regulations and receiving daily updates. We informed all personnel that anyone who preferred to leave would be free to interrupt his/her mission. They all chose to stay.


To help protect civilian patients, please click here to support EMERGENCY USA’s efforts in Sierra Leone today!

3 thoughts on “Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone

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