Supporter spotlight: Kyler Hunter

Kyler Hunter worked with EMERGENCY as a perfusionist at the Salam Center for Cardiac Surgery in 2013. While in Sudan, Kyler was featured on 60 Minutes and since returning to the United States, he has volunteered to spread awareness for EMERGENCY USA and the life-changing programs that it supports. He recently joined Eric Talbert for a live web discussion of “Health in the Future of Sudan,” which can be viewed below.


“I continue to be a part of EMERGENCY USA and the humanitarian projects that it supports around the globe, because it serves one of the most vulnerable groups of human beings: victims of war and conflict.

KYLER_JulyEMERGENCY USA moves towards these people and their needs even in the midst of armed conflicts, with high quality medical care that is free. Quite often, there is no other hope for them to be healed and live with a new quality of life. It is for these reasons that I support EMERGENCY USA.”

Kyler Hunter,



If you are a medical professional interested in working with EMERGENCY, please click here for more information. To learn about volunteer opportunities with EMERGENCY USA in your local community, click here.

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