Eric Talbert joins Linord Moudou on Voice of America

On May 15th, EMERGENCY USA Executive Director Eric Talbert joined Linord Moudou to discuss EMERGENCY‘s role in providing free-of-charge healthcare to civilian victims of war across Africa at medical centers in Sudan, Sierra Leone, and The Central African Republic.Screen shot 2014-08-12 at 3.35.12 PM

The segment appeared on Africa 54, a daily program on Voice of America, which aired only two days after a VoA radio interview with Eric Talbert and Ed Newton. For stories of life-saving care from the field in West Africa, visit the EMERGENCY USA blog.

Linord: “Let’s go now to West Africa and Sierra Leone where you work extensively. Can you tell us about what is happening there. The country was in conflict over ten years ago, what is your area of focus now?”

Eric: “EMERGENCY built our Surgical Center in Sierra Leone back in 2001 during the conflict. Since then we have been able to treat over 400,000 patients free of charge.

And part of what we are seeing today, in addition to the ongoing surgical needs is also that children will accidentally ingest caustic lye, which is homemade soap, and it causes severe burns on the esophagus. So we have developed a special program and partnership with the local needs to provide immediate surgical intervention as well as ongoing treatment.”

Click here to watch the full interview, which begins at 13:20 in the episode recording.


To learn about how EMERGENCY is handling the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, click here. You can support EMERGENCY‘s efforts to protect citizens and medical personnel from the spread of the disease by donating today.

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