Tragic loss of Hamza Khan, EMERGENCY ambulance driver

On Monday, August 11th one of our ambulances was caught in the middle of a fire fight in the Tagab district, in the Northeast province of Kapisa.

The driver, our Afghan colleague Hamza Khan, was wounded by gunfire and died. Hamza had been working with EMERGENCY for 12 years. Our hearts go out to his family in this difficult time.

The ambulance had been on its way to EMERGENCY‘s First Aid Post in Tagab to help transport wounded civilian patients to our Surgical Center in Kabul.

All of our facilities in Afghanistan raised a black flag in mourning.



All of EMERGENCY‘s health centers in Afghanistan are working at full capacity. Our Surgical Centers for war casualties are always full. In July alone, The Surgical Center in Kabul admitted 326 patients for war wounds and examined 604 patients in the emergency room. Twenty percent of the wounded were younger than 14.

This was the highest number of admissions in a single month and at a single hospital since we first set up our activities in Afghanistan in 1999.

Hamza Khan is one of the countless civilian victims of this war.


To support civilian victims of war in Afghanistan, please click here to donate today.


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