Supporter spotlight: Kenny Chao

EMERGENCY as a whole is growing around the world and gathering more supporters. I think people are drawn to the passion of those involved with the organization. They recognize the organization’s genuine focus on the mission and see it being integral towards a longer-term, sustainable solution — rather than a quick band-aid approach. This seems to fall in line with a change in mentality, from being sympathetic to instead empathic — from being a passive audience member of the news, to realizing they can actually do something about it and learn more about the situation and those affected.

Kenny_JuneI was definitely drawn to the EMERGENCY model. On top of providing the highest quality of care, EMERGENCY
hospitals engage the communities around them, hire and involve locals, and build trust. Those in the community are given the opportunity to participate, shape, and enhance their own futures.

EMERGENCY USA has definitely reinforced my decision to switch to a career in the medical field. I’m proud to be a part of EMERGENCY USA and will be supporting the organization in the years to come. I thank the EMERGENCY USA volunteers in New York City, Eric and Anna, and supporters from across the country for their continuing hard work.

–Kenny Chao, EMERGENCY USA volunteer in New York City


If you would like to join Kenny in supporting the mission of EMERGENCY USA, click here to learn about volunteer opportunities near you!

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