Eric Talbert, Executive Director of EMERGENCY USA, was featured on the Bay Area International Link blog in July. The article, which was reposted by The Tides Blog, discusses the importance of EMERGENCY USA in supporting EMERGENCY‘s international programs to provide free-of-charge, high quality healthcare to victims of war and poverty.

J7LxWnrh3kTiRRSsogKtlYNcwAjrzG0HGXeBeCtJh5oBased in San Francisco, Eric speaks to EMERGENCY USA’s role in promoting a culture of peace, solidarity and respect for human rights domestically and internationally;

“EMERGENCY USA is made of mostly volunteers – from the board of directors to committees and grassroots groups around the country. As human rights advocates, local volunteers find or create opportunities to engage their communities in learning more about the realities our fellow civilians are facing in war-zones by sharing the stories of people who are treated and work at our hospitals worldwide.”

Click here to read the full article and learn how you can join EMERGENCY USA in supporting civilian populations in war-torn communities.

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