Young Voice Entertainment discusses how “EMERGENCY USA is changing the world”

EMERGENCY USA has been featured by Young Voice Entertainment Magazine in an ongoing “Occupy the Positive” series. The interview with Eric Talbert touches upon the accomplishments of EMERGENCY‘s international programs and the efforts of EMERGENCY USA to raise funds and awareness through grassroots efforts in the United States. goJwuDKz5PCPq2HEt4RI2dxi-qVShUmk9fYd3hw9nLI-1

Y.V.M— How has EMERGENCY USA decreased the needs of the 16 countries you have provided for?

E.T— Since 1994, we have treated over 6 million people. Part of what makes our work unique is that a goal is set from the beginning, before any construction work starts, that the hospitals and clinics will eventually be turned over to the local communities. Therefore the need of international staff lessens overtime as the local staff takes on more of the responsibility. Having this as our model also means in addition to healthcare, education and jobs are also being provided at our medical centers. With the limited resources we have, the needs we address are reduced in each country.

Click here to read the full interview and learn more about how EMERGENCY USA is changing the world.

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