The Two Ebola Treatment Centers in Sierra Leone Are Full

So far there has been 1,305 cases of Ebola in Sierra Leone, including 76 in the capital of Freetown and 42 in the “Western Area” where our Goderich hospital is located. The two treatment centers of Kenema and Kailahun are full, and won’t be able to take in any more patients for a few days: those who test results come back positive will have to wait until a bed becomes free in the isolation units.

EbolaSigninSL– Huffington Post article on September 16th, “As Ebola Outbreak Spreads, Here’s How You Can Help” – mentions EMERGENCY USA.

The Ebola emergency includes the fact that hundreds of people are unable to find treatment because the hospitals are closed and the public health service has collapsed. The pediatric hospital in Freetown is still completely closed: this means that the only possibility for sick children is our Pediatric Center in Goderich – the only health center open and fully operative in the capital and the surrounding area.

“We’re working round the clock: we see hundreds of patients every day. Our wards are always full, and even the beds we’ve added in the guest lodge are always occupied. In a country with one of the highest infant mortality rates in the world, not only Ebola but also malaria, infections of the airways, malnutrition… continue to claim victims” says Luca, medical coordinator for EMERGENCY in Sierra Leone.

To help us protect our brave staff from Ebola so they can continue to treat people in need, at the only hospital of it’s kind in all of Sierra Leone, please click here to donate now.

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