Skirmishes in Ghazni – Injured Brought to the EMERGENCY Hospital in Kabul

Ghazni, a city about 150km south of Kabul, had a morning of intense fighting earlier this month between Afghan and Taliban forces: the explosion of three car bombs near the offices of the police and secret services was followed by three hours of violent clashes, with heavy artillery. The EMERGENCY First Aid Post (FAP) in the city was damaged, but is still open; the staff have treated 43 people, all with superficial wounds.

AFG-KABOur hospital in Kabul received the most serious casualties, brought from the FAP in the EMERGENCY ambulance or sent there from the provincial hospital of Ghazni. There’s also been fighting in Sirobi, to the east of the capital; two women with bullet wounds came to us from there. The situation in Afghanistan is getting steadily worse.

The EMERGENCY hospitals in Afghanistan are always full. In July, the Kabul Surgical Center alone took in 326 people with war injuries, and 604 people came to the FAP.

Twenty percent of the wounded were under 14 years of age.

EMERGENCY has been working in Afghanistan since 1999, with a Surgical Center for war victims in Kabul and another in Lashkar-gah (Helmand), a hospital and a Maternity Centre in Anabah (Panjshir Valley), 40 First Aid Posts and Health Centers, and a healthcare assistance program in the prisons of Kabul. In Afghanistan, EMERGENCY has treated close to 4,000,000 people.

To learn more about EMERGENCY’s programs in Afghanistan, click here. If you would like to help provide life-saving healthcare for Afghan civilian victims of war, please click here to donate now

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