First Ebola Survivors from Our New Treatment Center in Sierra Leone

It is possible to recover from Ebola: Monjama and Salatu have done just that!

Monjama and Salamatu are both 25 years old, from Freetown and Ebola survivors. They were treated at the EMERGENCY Ebola Treatment Center in Lakka, Sierra Leone.

Monjama and Salamatu

The two girls you can see happily smiling in this photo are together with Giovanni and Milos (logistics manager and nurse) and were today discharged from our Ebola treatment Centre in Lakka, in Sierra Leone.

At our new Ebola Treatment Center in Sierra Leone the nurses and doctors have been working round-the-clock since the doors opened. Monjama and Salamtu began to receive care when they self-reported just a couple days after the opening.

After days of isolation and treatment, with the fear of not pulling through, they can finally leave and go back home. They can go back to their lives.

The Ebola epidemic is quickly spreading throughout the country, especially around the capital Freetown. The official figures indicate a 39% increase in sick people living in Freetown within the last 3 weeks.
Luca Rolla, EMERGENCY Medical Coordinator in Sierra Leone states, “We decided to open this Ebola Treatment Center because the epidemic isn’t showing any signs of letting up. The positive cases can only increase and more health care personnel, isolation wards and beds will be needed to treat them.”
Monjama lives close to the treatment center so we are working to hire her to help stop Ebola in Sierra Leone. All the staff, both national and international, are doing everything possible to face this humanitarian crisis.
“I’d love to work with Emergency, here in Lakka” said Monjama, who lives very close to the Centre. Of course, Monjama. We’ll be waiting for you!

To help us protect our brave staff from Ebola so they can continue to treat people in need, at the only hospital of it’s kind in all of Sierra Leone, please click here to donate now.

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