From Around the Globe: Program Updates about Afghanistan

EMERGENCY USA Board President Anna Gilmore recently attended the EMERGENCY 2014 International Conference in Milan. Here is her report back about where we are and where we are going in Afghanistan:

image009Presentations were given by Emanuele Nannini. Additionally, two Afghan national surgeons were introduced and addressed the audience. Rossella Miccio, our Humanitarian Program Coordinator, also introduced Salim whom she described as one of the Afghan national staff whose presence is essential in making everything in the hospital function, especially the areas of local community relations and security at the Lashkar-Gah facility.

Very unfortunately the number of patients coming to the surgical hospitals is double that of the number seen last year, and we are at the hospitals’ limits of capacity.  Now the trauma center’s admission criteria is now narrowed to solely war-injured patients. Areas in the hospital that are not typically occupied by beds, such as the laundry room, are now filled with beds to accommodate the additional patients.

Facts of note:

  • Training programs in three disciplines are being realized:  Pediatrics, Trauma Surgery, and Maternity/OB-Gyn. In Kabul, 18 doctors are in training and in Lashkar-Gah, 10 doctors are in training.
  • In Anabah, the maternity center is now assisting with up to 500 births per month.
  • The conference presentation included a dedication in memory of Hamza Khan, an ambulance driver that work with EMERGENCY for more than 10 years who was shot and died recently while he was on duty.

To help us continue to treat people in need in Afghanistan, please click here to donate now.

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