One of Our Staff in Sierra Leone Tested Positive with Ebola Virus

A member of EMERGENCY‘s international staff has contracted the Ebola virus in Sierra Leone. He is a Ugandan pediatrician and is currently being treated in Frankfurt. He worked at EMERGENCY’s Ebola Treatment Center in Lakka, which is near the capital Freetown.
The doctor begun treatment at the Lakka Center, and his overall condition is stable. He has been transferred today to Germany to continue the treatment.
“To avoid the spreading of the virus and contamination, all personnel employed at the Center have received specific training on the protection protocols, use of personal protection equipment and correct movement along the set paths within the Center.”  Luca Rolla, EMERGENCY’s Medical Coordinator in Sierra Leone.
“However, no medical action can be considered entirely without risk during an epidemic of this kind,” Rolla continues to explain.
In Sierra Leone over 110 health workers have contracted Ebola. The epidemic is quickly spreading throughout the country. but especially all around the capital. The World Health Organization data say that there are over 1,800 people infected by Ebola with an increase of 30 new cases every day, but no one knows the true extent of the epidemic.EMERGENCY will not issue any further statements for the time being, to safeguard the privacy of the patient and of his family.

EMERGENCY has been working in Sierra Leone since 2001 in the Surgical and Pediatric Centre in Goderich which, for the past two months, has been the only hospital open and operating in the Freetown area.
To help us continue to treat people in need in Sierra Leone and protect our staff during this Ebola Crisis, please click here to donate now.

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