From Around the Globe: Program Updates from Iraq

EMERGENCY USA Board President Anna Gilmore recently attended the EMERGENCY 2014 International Conference in Milan. Here is her report back about where we are and where we are going in Iraq:

image011Hawar Mustafa, the national program coordinator led the presentation, accompanied by Chiara.

The region is so unstable right now and refugees and IDPs are coming from several areas within the country and from other regions, such as Syria.  Two primary care clinics have been opened, one in the vicinity of Arbat/Erbil to offer treatment to Syrian refugees and a second for Iraqi IDP’s in Khanaqin. Plans to open a third are currently underway.

EMERGENCY is collaborating and coordinating with UNHCR and WHO as several agencies have moved in to provide services. EMERGENCY is providing clinical and medical service, while also contributing to health education, much-needed preventive measures given the hardship and challenges to hygiene in the crowded camps where lack of access to clean water and food is causing a major spread of disease.

To help us continue to treat people in need in Iraq, please click here to donate now.

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