Capital of the Central African Republic Brought to a Halt Due to Fighting

For the past four days, Bangui, capital of the Central African Republic, has been brought to a halt due to the fighting and clashes between the “Antibalaka” and the UN peacekeepers and French troops.

The roads are deserted, there are no taxis and our staff has trouble getting around. Many of our Central African workers come to the hospital on foot, walking up to 20 kilometres to get here.

Yesterday a woman arrived at the clinic with her sick son. She’d walked from PK55 for 8 hours to reach us.

EMERGENCY-RCAOn Friday afternoon we heard the sound of rocket-propelled grenades throughout the day here at the hospital. On Saturday we saw corpses being carried along the roads on makeshift stretchers.

The few casualties who actually managed to reach the hospital did so with make-do means of transport, some of them even brought here in wheelbarrows.

An 8-year old child arrived at the “Complexe Pédiatrique” on Friday, with a firearm wound to his head: he didn’t pull through, and died a few hours after being admitted.

The convoys transporting food and necessary goods are held up in Cameroon for reasons of safety, and all flights have been suspended. If the situation doesn’t get better soon, it’ll be hard to get supplies through to the hospital too.

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