Remembering Hamza Khan and Reflecting on Those Who Give

EMERGENCY-AFGHANISTAN-FAPIn August, our Afghan colleague Hamza Khan died while he was doing his job.  The ambulance he was driving got caught up in the fighting in the district of Tagab and was directly hit. Earlier this month we remembered Hamza with a commemoration in the garden of our Poli Sayad First Aid Post in Afghanistan, which was recently renovated thanks to the help of the local people.

Among the 150 people in attendance, there were many elders from the nearby villages, representing their respective communities. They remembered Hamza and his work and wanted to thank us for what we do.

EMERGENCY helps our people enormously, so it was our duty to return that help in a practical way” one of them said. In fact, it’s the local population that has covered the cost of the new outer wall, fitted out the two new clinics and taken care of the new garden full of trees and flowers.

“Our thanks to all of you at EMERGENCY – said the elders – those of you right here and your colleagues around the world, and the many people who sustain you and make all this possible.”

To learn more about EMERGENCY’s programs in Afghanistan, click here. To support local and international staff at EMERGENCY’s hospitals in Afghanistan, please click here to donate now.

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