“Why I stay here in Sierra Leone”

“Many do not understand why I stay here in Sierra Leone. I do it because I believe in the right to healthcare for all, without discrimination: this is why I chose this job.

Ebola is terrible, but you can heal from it. If this epidemic had broken out in the West, it would have been different. Everyone would be treated and the patients would receive better care. Here it is different, here people were simply abandoned. No one has invested resources or energy to circumscribe the virus because it was thought to be a problem only in Africa.

SarahinSLWe’re working here, even though it is not easy. Of course I’m scared. But I think these people have a right to be treated like everyone else. I’m afraid but I remain here with  EMERGENCY because someone has to do something. It is not just an African problem, but a problem for us all.

– Sarah, EMERGENCY nurse in Sierra Leone, working at our surgical and pediatric center in Goderich, the only hospital in the capital that has remained open and fully operational from the beginning of the Ebola crisis.

We are looking to hire 60 nurses and 7 doctors to work with us for three months at our new 100-bed Ebola Treatment Center that is scheduled to open on November 27th near our hospital in Goderich, Sierra Leone. Click here for more information or email your resume to cv@emergencyusa.org to apply.

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