Ebola—Work With Us


Provide free-of-charge, high level medical care as well as train and supervise national staff: a challenging and rewarding professional experience.

EMERGENCY is currently recruiting experienced doctors and nurses to work as international staff at our Ebola treatment centers in Sierra Leone. If you are interested in helping to alleviate the crisis in West Africa by working with us at a facility for two to three months, please email your resume to EMERGENCY USA at cv@emergencyusa.org. Candidates must have a good working knowledge of English as well as a minimum of three years professional experience.

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In Sierra Leone, fragile communities with inadequate health care systems have been hard hit by the Ebola epidemic. EMERGENCY has a surgical and pediatric center in Goderich and has opened an Ebola treatment center in Lakka

EMERGENCY urgently seeks experienced specialized health care personnel to work at our Lakka Ebola Treatment Center and/or at our Surgical and Pediatric Center in Goderich (Freetown).

GENERAL REQUIREMENTS: relevant professional experience in a hospital setting; ability to follow standardized clinical working procedures and safety protocols as defined by EMERGENCY; ability to train local staff; well-disposed towards local cultures; availability for at least two months. TERMS AND CONDITIONS: monthly salary, travel expenses, board and lodging, insurance coverage for accidents and illness provided.

cv@emergencyusa.org          www.emergencyusa.org         1-888-501-3872

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