From Around the Globe: Photos from Our Hospital in Goderich, Sierra Leone


New photos of EMERGENCY‘s Surgical and Pediatric Center in Goderich, Sierra Leone taken by Michael Duff of the Associated Press.




In 2001, EMERGENCY opened the Surgical Center in Goderich, a village located in the outskirts of Freetown. An abandoned medical clinic was renovated and transformed, and with new buildings added to create a high quality Medical and Surgical Center to treat war victims and orthopedic patients. The criteria for admissions were later expanded to include all surgical emergencies.

Two new wards were added in 2003, one of which was specifically intended for treating patients suffering from pediatric malaria, acute anemia and respiratory infections.

10636929_609762802467656_6157417357093861714_oIn 2002, EMERGENCY built a Pediatric Outpatient Department next to the hospital where treatment mainly for malaria, anemia and respiratory infections is offered.

Since 2001 EMERGENCY has treated over 464,801 people in Sierra Leone.

EMERGENCY is recruiting experienced doctors and nurses to work at our centers in Sierra Leone, click here to learn more.

If you would like to help provide life-saving surgical treatment in Goderich, please click here to donate now.

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