A Story of Giving: Survivors Donate Blood to Ebola-Positive EMERGENCY Doctor

_MG_1789Last week an EMERGENCY doctor working at our Ebola Treatment Center in Lakka, Sierra Leone tested positive for Ebola and was flown to Italy for treatment. When three former patients of the Center realized they could help the doctor recover, they seized the opportunity.

_MG_1796Not even 10 minutes had gone by since I put down the phone, and they were already here at the hospital to give blood” says Sara, coordinator at EMERGENCY’s hospital in Goderich, in Sierra Leone. “I called Ester, Unissa and Monjama, all three of them just over the age of 20 and all cured at the EMERGENCY Ebola Treatment Center in Lakka. I told them how lucky they were, and wanted to explain that they should think about the others now, but they didn’t give me the chance: as soon as they realised that one of the doctors who’d saved their lives had caught the disease, they rushed here to give their blood.” The blood of cured patients is rich in antibodies; this is one of the many roads being followed in the search for a cure for Ebola. The blood given by Ester, Unissa and Monjama has travelled to Italy with our colleague.

Ester, Unissa, and Monjama are inspiring examples of the importance of giving. EMERGENCY USA invites you to participate in Giving Tuesday by making a donation towards our Ebola response in Sierra Leone. Please click here to donate now.


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