New Ebola Screening Center in Waterloo Sierra Leone

Waterloo1In Sierra Leone, at least 100 people become infected with Ebola every day. We are currently treating the sick at our Treatment Center in Lakka, a few kilometers from the capital, and we are working towards increasing our capacity for prevention.

On Monday, December 1st, EMERGENCY opened a First Aid Post (FAP) in Waterloo to screen for Ebola. Four nurses will be carrying out triage of suspicious cases and will move patients to our Ebola Treatment Center in Lakka if needed.Waterloo2

Waterloo is a former WWII military airport that’s been turned into a displaced persons camp where 22,000 people are living on top of each other in shacks. This camp and its residents have been hit especially hard by the Ebola crisis. In Waterloo, as well as in many other areas near the capital, there are no health facilities suited to respond quickly to Waterloo3cases of suspected infection.

In order to effectively counter the spread of the infection in Waterloo, we will need more personnel. We’re training 90 health professionals that will be identifying people who came into contact with Ebola patients and monitoring them daily.

Identifying, isolating and treating Ebola patients is the best way to stop the spread of the virus within communities. The epidemic isn’t stopping, and we won’t either.

To help us prevent Ebola cases in Sierra Leone, please click here to donate now

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