President of Sierra Leone Visits Our New Ebola Treatment Center

10623895_10152430607616367_2279311717867756592_o President of Sierra Leone Ernest Bai Koroma paid a visit to our new 100-bed Ebola Treatment Center outside Freetown, which is now fully built and set to open in mid December. The president was greeted by EMERGENCY staff including founder Gino Strada and was guided through the intensive care unit, the lab, and the wards of theCenter. During his visit, Koroma told the staff, “I have never seen a center like this.”

Our new Center is a testament to the fact that we are not content with solely isolating patients, but rather ensuring that they also receive the best care possible. Always.


The Center helps address a growin10841903_10152430615551367_6283933346917640533_og need: there are 100 new cases of Ebola in Sierra Leone every day. Our doctors and nurses are working round-the-clock to provide care to the sick in our full 22-bed Ebola Treatment Centre in Lakka. In addition, we’ve opened a First Aid Post in Waterloo to screen suspected cases.

To help us provide life-saving healthcare at our Ebola Treatment Centers in Sierra Leone, please click here to donate now.

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