Congratulations to Our Ebola Fighters, TIME Magazine’s People of the Year

Congratulations to Memunatu, a nurse at our Ebola Treatment Center in Lakka and TIME Magazine’s Person of the Year 2014 along with all of our brave Sierra Leonean staff fighting Ebola. This recognition is deserved and important: these staff have been with us since before the beginning of the outbreak; they have seen friends, family, and colleagues die; and they’ve worked tirelessly every day to treat those infected and help stop the virus from spreading further. Thanks to their selfless diligence, we have had over fifty survivors who beat Ebola at our Treatment Center in Lakka since it opened in September. We will expand upon this effort and create more survivor stories with our soon to be opened 100-bed Ebola Treatment Center outside Freetown.



To help protect and support the courageous staff at our Ebola Treatment Centers in Sierra Leone, please click here to donate now.

Click here for more TIME Magazine Ebola coverage with their October 13th article “Ebola Health Care Workers Face Hard Choices:”

“As the numbers climb in West Africa, so too does the chance that more cases will be exported abroad, raising the likelihood that doctors and nurses around the world will find themselves faced with Ebola.”

The Executive Director of EMERGENCY USA Eric Talbert, reflects on the risks that may be on the health workers’ minds as the organization is looking to hire more experienced nurses and physicians to work at Ebola Treatment Centers: “There is a significant fear factor. They are putting their lives on the line for people they have not met. It’s a courageous task.”

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