Medical Coordinator Luca Rolla Speaks to BBC on Risks of Treating Ebola

Screen shot 2015-01-07 at 10.01.56 AM

EMERGENCY Medical Coordinator in Sierra Leone Luca Rolla was interviewed at our Ebola Treatment Center in Lakka by BBC News on his time working with British nurse Pauline Cafferkey. Cafferkey tested positive for Ebola last month after working at a treatment center in Kerry Town, Sierra Leone run by Save the Children. Rolla worked with Cafferkey when she first arrived in Sierra Leone and received specialized training at our Lakka Center. “Pauline is a very committed nurse,” he says.

Luca Rolla continues to talk about the risks one takes in treating Ebola. Strict protocols are followed to make the job as safe as possible, but “To treat an Ebola patient and to live in a community affected by Ebola is, of course, a risk.”

To protect our brave staff fighting Ebola in Sierra Leone and help prevent the virus from spreading further, click here to donate now.

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