EMERGENCY Provides Care for New Refugees Suffering from Cold in Iraqi Kurdistan

EMERGENCY-ARBAT-01“Many people, especially the children, suffer from the cold along with the other hardships of living in the camp.” Marcello, our Humanitarian Response Program Manager in Iraqi Kurdistan, brings us up to date with the work of our clinic in the Arbat Refugee Camp: “Three hundred families arrived here last Friday. Over 1,500 people in all, from the province of Salah ad Din. They’d been held up for three weeks between two checkpoints in the Kirkuk area: one held by ISIS fighters and one held by Kurdish Peshmerga forces.” When they arrived at the camp, which was covered in a layer of snow from snowfall EMERGENCY-ARBAT-02over the past few days, only some of them were assigned tents and none received blankets, clothes, or heating equipment.

Our Health Center staff set to work straight away, examining 21 patients that same day and another 44 the day after. One of them was 8-year-old Aswaq. He was unconscious and suffering from hypothermia when he came to us. His temperature was 35°C, so we got it stabilized and he was transferred to a hospital accompanied by his mother.

“The winter is getting harder and harder here.”

To help child victims of war like Aswaq receive high standard, free-of-charge care, click here to donate now. 

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