Ebola Survivor and Ebola Fighter: Unisa


Unisa and Catia, EMERGENCY staff at our Ebola Treatment Center in Lakka

It was Unisa’s uncle, a worker who constantly travels between the various provinces of Sierra Leone, who unintentionally brought Ebola into his community. The virus spread quickly: Unisa, his wife, children, and cousins among others fell ill. Many of them, including Unisa’s parents, died from the disease.

Unisa, who was a member of the staff at our Ebola Treatment Center in Lakka, had to become hospitalized in his own workplace. Throughout his recovery, he drank water all EMERGENCY-SIERRA-LEONE-03the time, prayed a lot (and loudly!), and helped the other patients whenever he could. He called up all his willpower to survive and he pulled through. His twin brother was kept in observation at the Center, but luckily didn’t develop any symptoms.

Today, Unisa is back to working with us at our Ebola Treatment Center in Lakka. “And now,” says EMERGENCY nurse Catia, “we’re both here, on the same side of the fence that separates the “red zone” from the rest of the Center.”

To help more people like Unisa survive Ebola and continue to help others, click here to donate now.


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