Continued Support from The Khaled Hosseini Foundation Expands our Maternity Center


The Khaled Hosseini Foundation has granted EMERGENCY USA funds for the expansion of our Maternity Center located next to our Medical and Surgical Center in the village of Anabah in the Northern Panjshir Valley of Afghanistan. EMERGENCY has built and runs the only specialized and free-of-charge facility in the area for women.

This is the third grant given by the foundation to EMERGENCY USA. A previous grant in 2013 funded the purchase of a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machine for the neonatal unit located in the Maternity Center. The CPAP machine helps premature babies maintain open lungs and prevents apnoeas. It also helps full-term babies maintain appropriate oxygen level concentration in case of respiratory distress.

On the subject of the foundation’s continued support, Khaled Hosseini states, “I support the life-saving work of EMERGENCY in Afghanistan through EMERGENCY USA because healthcare is key to future peace in areas devastated by war.”

To help mothers in Afghanistan receive high standard, free-of-charge care for themselves and for their chidden, click here to donate now.

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